Purchasing Adjustable Bench and Footstool

Adjustable Bench

You are required to have an adjustable bench or chair and footstool at home before your child can begin having individual lesson time at the piano. Good playing technique is dependent upon good posture and proper weight balance. Correct seating contributes to ease of playing and quality of sound.

Very few adjustable benches on the market meet the specifications needed to support appropriate and healthy piano posture for children. Your adjustable bench or chair needs to have a mechanism that instantly locks the seat into place at the desired height setting and must also have an adequate range of height settings.

Below are links to the only adjustable benches/chairs I am currently aware of that are suitable for home practice. If you are considering purchasing an adjustable bench or chair that is not listed here, please consult me first!

Exemplar Adjustable Height Music Bench

Made of Wood Adjustable Piano Bench

Frederick Adjustable Piano Chair - Walnut Satin

Frederick Adjustable Piano Chair - Ebony Polish

CPS Imports Adjustable Piano Chair

Adjustable Footstool

Below are links to examples of footstools for home practice. There are many others available that would work as well, but please consult me before buying something that’s not listed here.


Shar Collection Adjustable Piano Footrest

Young Musicians Nested Piano Foot Rest