Studio Policies 2018-19


Tuition is charged on an annual basis and covers registration and enrollment for the entire studio year (September-July). Registering for lessons indicates your acceptance of all studio policies and your commitment to a full year of piano study. If enrollment takes place after the beginning of the studio year, tuition will be prorated.

Annual tuition covers 40 weeks of lessons plus group classes and parties, studio recitals, book recitals and trophies, recording sessions, and parent education. Your tuition for the year can either be divided evenly into 4 quarterly payments due on the first lesson day of each quarter (Sept/Dec/Mar/June) or divided evenly into 11 monthly payments due on the first lesson day of each month. Please email the teacher for current tuition rates.

Late tuition payments affect my ability to maintain the studio and provide the high quality of instruction that each student and family deserve. Please be sure to let me know whenever there are extenuating circumstances that will make it impossible to make your next tuition payment so that we can work something out ahead of time. If tuition becomes more than two weeks past due, your family may be asked to take a break from lessons until your tuition is brought current.

Attendance & Practice

The student’s progress and success are dependent upon daily listening to the Suzuki recording, regular attendance, and consistent daily practice. Until a student is old enough to drive, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure these things happen.

Because specific times are reserved for specific students, there is no refund for missed lessons, and no makeup lessons are given unless I am unable to teach at the scheduled lesson time. I reserve the right to send a student home if they arrive sick. Some alternatives to makeup lessons include Skype or FaceTime lessons or swapping lesson times with another student. Observation is part of each student’s lesson and until they are in Suzuki Book 2 every student is expected to observe at least one other student's lesson each week.

Group Class attendance is required for all students. For students in Suzuki Book 1, essential reading and theory skills are covered in group classes that will ensure success in Books 2 and above. Group classes for students in preschool and elementary school grades meet two Mondays per month for one hour. Students in middle school and high school attend Piano Club, a two-hour group class that meets one Thursday a month and counts as the student’s lesson for that week.

All students participate in three studio recitals per year (in December, March, and June). Performing in recitals builds confidence and provides motivation for everyone! Beginning students must attend at least one recital as an audience member before being allowed to perform.

A student’s motivation and progress will be highly influenced by the quality of the piano they practice on each day. The parent must provide the best piano possible for their child’s practice and keep it tuned (at least once per year) and in good working condition.

It is the parent’s responsibility to check the message board, calendar, and table each week for announcements, reminders, and take-home items, and to read the weekly assigned parent articles.

Inclement Weather

When South Kitsap Schools are closed, the studio will be closed as well. Please check the South Kitsap School District website for school closure information. For lessons missed due to inclement weather, every effort will be made to schedule make up lessons during the following week. If you are not able to attend a make up lesson during the times offered, you can schedule an extra summer lesson in June or July.

Discontinuing Lessons

While it is my hope that every student will continue with lessons until they graduate from high school, I realize that this may not be realistic for every student or every family situation. If you are contemplating stopping lessons, it’s important to consider this decision carefully, with plenty of discussion between teacher, parent, and student. Students go through many different phases and many common reasons for quitting lessons can be resolved through readjusting practice expectations, modifying the lesson format, or shifting the focus of lessons. 

Stopping lessons is much less upsetting for everyone when the parent gives me adequate advance notice. Knowing ahead of time that a student will be leaving the studio allows me to provide some closure for the student (and everyone else involved) and we can be sure to end lessons on a positive note. A final “goodbye lesson” offers a chance to share photos and memories, acknowledge accomplishments, and assure your child that there are no hard feelings. 

Discontinuing lessons requires one month’s notice with the final month’s tuition paid in full.