About the Suzuki method

The benefits of Suzuki study go beyond musical training! Suzuki philosophy focuses on not only developing accomplished musicians, but also nurturing kind, compassionate, and peaceful human beings by guiding the development of each child’s character through the study of music.

The Potential of Every Child

Suzuki teachers believe that musical ability can be developed in all children. Parents entering a Suzuki program do not need to be concerned about whether or not their child has "musical talent." Within the Suzuki community, teachers and parents confidently expect every child to develop the ability to play well. 


Parent Involvement

Parents play an active role in their child's learning process. Parents are able to contribute directly to their child's success by creating an enjoyable learning environment, playing the Suzuki recordings at home, attending lessons, acting as the child's practice coach at home, and providing ongoing motivation and encouragement.


Beginning By Ear

Suzuki students first learn to play by ear, making it possible to become comfortable with the instrument and to focus on playing fluently and musically before learning to read music. Children can begin as young as age three or four in order to take advantage of the language-development years -- the optimal time for learning the language of music. Learning to play by ear is made possible by immersion listening using recordings of the Suzuki songs.