The Role of the Parent

As your child's most important role model, you play a crucial role in ensuring your child's success. The way you approach lessons, the effort you make to set up your home practice environment, and the expectations you set for practicing between lessons will speak volumes to your child about how much you value learning to play the piano. Offering encouragement and allowing learning to progress at your child's pace will contribute to your child's enjoyment and motivation. Attending your child's lessons, taking notes, and following the teacher's instructions will enable you to assist your child's home practice in ways that guarantee progress.

You can make sure your home environment is “set for success” by providing the following:

  1. A good quality acoustic piano

  2. Immersive listening

  3. A daily practice routine

"Everyone has a sprout of talent. Developing that sprout into a wonderful ability depends upon how it is cultivated."

-Dr. Suzuki